101st House

101st House @The Vann Molyvann Project &Project Little Dream

101st House @The Vann Molyvann Project &Project Little Dream

Post independent era in Cambodia is well-known as ‘Sangkum reastr Niyum’ or ‘New Khmer Architecture’ in architecture and urbanism world. Rather than forms, cultural identity was integrated in all aspects of architecture. Vann Molyvann (1926-2017) was a prolific Cambodian architect who was appointed by Prince Norodom Sihanouk to be the head of architects responsible for all public projects throughout Cambodia. His architecture is well-known for being translated and combined between the lifestyle of rural Cambodian and their vernacular architecture, and Western modernization. Together, his education and childhood experiences, formed the designs which adapted a modern vocabulary to Cambodia’s culture, climate, geography and its vernacular and ancient architectural traditions--he turned a modern expression in Western world into Cambodian vernacular.

The precedents of his designs are being seen throughout his projects such as Grey Building (1963), Bassac Theatre (1968), Olympic National Sports Complex (1964), Institute of Foreign Languages (1972), and 100 houses (1965). This 101st House is designed to adapt Vann Molyvann’s 100 Houses. Unlike the multi-storey housing block, 101 House is designed with living on the first floor and open-space on the ground floor surrounding by water and vegetable garden. This idea was clearly adapted from traditional Khmer wooden house with insertion of contemporary materials (concrete, polycarbonate and steel). By designing 101st house, we revisited the fundamental idea of Cambodian household which we investigate what are importances in Cambodian way of life--we return to the idea of Cambodian still house.

This project is a collaboration between The Vann Molyvann Project and Project Little Dream.



an interdisciplinary project

curated by Pen Sereypagna and Vuth Lyno

17 March-07 April 2019

a collaboration between:

The Vann Molyvann Project and Sa Sa Art Projects


Currents considers flows of interactions that are forming and being formed around the urban structure. More than physical flows, Currents constitutes movements of ideas, dialogues, anxieties and desires. It looks at the communal and public spaces that shape our relationship among each other and with our neighbourhood and the city. It also considers how we remember the city through the way we build, dwell and move. In other words, Currents considers the mobility and convergence through which meaning of social relations, our subjectivities and the city are produced.

Employing currents as both a generative methodology and a conceptual framework, Currents activates these mobility and convergence through a series of exhibitions, performances, workshop, lecture, and film screening program, that take place in various kinds of spaces throughout Phnom Penh city. The interdisciplinary program brings together artists, architects, urbanists, performers, academics, students, filmmakers and city residents to engage, share, and propose the ways we understand the communities and the cities we inhabit and ourselves, which are still in a process of forming and being formed.